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When you are in need of any product or service,

Tap "Cloudafied" app on your mobile and all the relevant businesses will get connect to you instantaneously. Choose one among them as per your preferences. You will be having all kinds of communication options like chat, call and GPS e.t.c to interact with the business that you have chosen in order to get your queries clarified which ultimately helps you in quick decision making. Isn't it simple?

Why cloudafied ?

The reason is very simple. When you are in need of any product or service, you will be having two approaches to choose from. Option-1) go to internet and search for different services, contact your friends and colleagues to get any suggestions, search for offers running and then prepare a list and do a comparison to choose one from. Option-2) The moment you say "i'm in need of service", let all the relevant businesses come to you instantaneously with their offers, you can then choose one among them that suits best for you. Obviously Option-2 is sounding good, Isn't it? That is all about cloudafied.

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Amazing Compatibility.

The app cloudafied is available on all the mobile platforms like iOS, Android and windows. It is very well compatible to use both on a smartphone and on a tablet. Built in features such as : exporting contacts to cloud, social sharing options and communication channels integration like mail, chat, dial and GPS...

Carefully executed features.

We carefully designed all the features and integrated many options by keeping customers ease in view. Not much to navigate and explore, you will find it simple yet effective.

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